From the underground

What can we do for you? Employee Spotlight with Joni Mingle

Joni Mingle’s favorite question is what can we do for you? As a sales rep for Underground Vaults & Storage with territories covering all of Oklahoma and everything west of Emporia in Kansas, Joni asks that question every day.

Joni spends a lot of time talking to people, finding out what they need, what they are concerned about, and how she can better meet their needs. She recently returned from the Oklahoma County Clerk School where the hot topic for discussion was the recent wave of tornados around the country and the need to preserve important ledgers and documents that in some cases date back to before Oklahoma was a state.

She can’t, of course, always come through on every request from everyone, and she has heard more than a few that pushed the envelope into the bizarre like the person who asked if they could grow mushrooms in the underground storage facility, or the one who wondered if UV&S would store frozen heads.

Strangeness aside, Joni believes that meeting the individual needs of each client is important in building lasting relationships. She works with customers to determine their specific storage needs. Special requirements are simply an opportunity to show her ability to go above and beyond. If UV&S can’t store it, she wants to know why, and tries to find out what it would take to make it happen unless it’s frozen heads.