From the underground

Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S) Now Offering Scanning Services

Louisville, KY – Driven to provide the best for its clients, UV&S announces it now offers scanning services including document conversion, online file rooms, and secure data hosting. These new services will allow businesses to more efficiently manage their paper documents while saving time, money, and precious office space.

Our document conversion team will collaborate with your staff to assess how imaging can improve your productivity. We will custom design your project based on your needs and present a project timeline. UV&S will then deliver organized, full-text retrievable data in the media of your choice.

With online file rooms, we are capable of designing an encrypted, digital file room to provide instant retrieval of your records. Our file rooms feature password protection, authorization, and audit controls to prevent improper access to your electronic information.

Secure data hosting will allow your business to store critical documents safely off-site. Your documents will then be remotely accessible so business can continue, even if your facilities are not available. This option reduces costly hardware expenses and provides geographic separation of records for disaster recovery.

President Lee Spence stated,”This new offering rounds out a portfolio of document management services for Underground Vaults and Storage that help organizations scan and store physical records for better control of their information. This gives the customer a more complete solution of managing their documents and access to these essential items.”

“Users can retrieve their stored documents at any time from a Web browser, and depending on their access privileges, they can preview and download their information. UV&S has helped customers manage their physical records and documents for several years, now UV&S can help manage their digital files.”

Medical records, court records, backup data tapes, legal documents all take up space and must be securely managed. Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (UV&S), a privately-held information and records management company established in 1959, operates 3 underground and 3 above ground secure storage facilities. It is perhaps known best for storing millions of items including movie films, data tapes, and paper records, within a 650 foot deep salt mine in Kansas. Clients from across the United States and around the world entrust important records, data, and assets to Underground Vaults & Storage.