From the underground

Underground Vaults & Storage nears completion of Wichita addition

Wichita, KS – A 27,000 sq ft addition to the Underground Vaults & Storage facility in Wichita, KS is nearing completion. The new wing is expected to begin operation in April, 2007 and will add roughly 25% more space to the records storage facility.

The addition is in response to increasing need for secure storage and management of records and data in the Wichita metropolitan area, says Jim Ontjes, vice president of operations for Underground Vaults & Storage.

“More and more companies realize that storing boxes in office space, or data tapes in a basement, is not the most efficient use of resources,” says Ontjes. “They want to free up space to do business, add a layer of security, and let us worry about keeping track of it all. We were simply running out of room.”

The new addition adds valuable warehouse space, provides additional dock access and creates a new entrance from the street.

Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc. is a privately-held records and information management company, established in 1959 in Hutchinson, KS. It is perhaps best known for its unique underground storage facilities in Hutchinson, KS, Louisville, KY, and Kansas City, MO; each protecting vital business records, healthcare records, government documents, movie films, electronic data, and museum artifacts. Above ground facilities in Wichita, KS, Topeka, KS and Oklahoma City, OK meet the records management needs of their respective metropolitan areas.