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Underground Vaults and Storage, Inc. Expands Operations in Kentucky

Underground Vaults and Storage (UV&S) completed its second acquisition for 2008. UV&S purchased Data Safe LLC, a Louisville based data vault company. This purchase was completed on December 31, 2008.

UV&S will continue to provide the same services for all existing customers of Data Safe and will keep all employees with the company. Eventually the location of the Data Safe data vault will be moved to the existing UV&S underground data vault in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Acquiring a strong local market performer like Data Safe improves our leadership position in the Louisville and surrounding area and improves our ability to serve customers there,” said Lee Spence, President of UV&S. “The employees of Data Safe are very much committed to providing excellent service to customers which will continue to promote the UV&S traditional service commitment. We view this acquisition as an important component to our overall growth strategy, and we will continue to seek out opportunities that enhance existing operations or expand our geographical footprint and service portfolio.”

Data Safe LLC has been in the Louisville market area since the early 1990’s and before that operated under a different name. Their primary operation was providing secure, climate controlled protection of backup data, archival tape storage and services for customers in the surrounding region.

Spence stated, “We welcome all Data Safe employees and customers to the Underground Vaults and Storage family and are happy and excited to have them join our team and be a part of our company.”

Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (UV&S), a privately-held information and records management company established in 1959, operates 3 underground and 3 above ground secure storage facilities. It is perhaps known best for storing millions of items including movie films, data tapes, and paper records, within a 650 foot deep salt mine in Kansas. Clients from across the United States and around the world entrust important records, data, and assets to Underground Vaults & Storage.

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