From the underground

Two Salt Queens Crowned, 50 Years Celebrated

(Photo One-Ms. Salt Queen Winner Christy Grant takes a walk down the runway. Photo courtesy of The Hutchinson News)

(Photo Two-L to R-First Runner-Up Ms. Salt Queen, Gayle Ferrell poses with Miss Salt Queen Winner Jill Ferrell; Photo Courtesy of Jill Ferrell)

Hutchinson, Kan- Underground Vaults and Storage, Inc. (UV&S) recently held its Salt Queen Celebration in commemoration of 50 years in business at its underground facility, 650 below Hutchinson, KS. Jill Ferrell, of Emporia, was crowned Miss Salt Queen, in the category for 18-21-year-olds. Christy Grant, of Columbus, won the title of Ms. Salt Queen, in the group for ages 50-53.

Contestants were judged in three categories. These categories were on-stage interview, evening gown, and appearance in a movie character costume. Ferrell chose to appear as a Pink Lady (Rizzo) from the movie Grease. Meanwhile, Grant selected Lucille Ball. She portrayed the grape stomping scene from Grapes of Laugh and walked barefoot on stage carrying a vat of grapes.

UV&S President Lee Spence stated that this contest was intended as a nostalgic tribute to a 1961 event held by Underground Vaults and Storage. At that time, the National Press Photographers Association brought along their beauty contestants to tour our facility. The beauties posed for the first ever wire service photograph transmitted from underground.

Many employees of UV&S assisted in making the Salt Queen celebration a success by volunteering their time at the event. On Saturday, April 25th, 2009, an underground luncheon was held for current and past employees of UV&S. Tours were given of the UV&S facility as well as the UV&S exhibit at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum.

Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (UV&S), a privately-held information and records management company established in 1959, operates 3 underground and 3 above ground secure storage facilities. It is perhaps known best for storing millions of items including movie films, data tapes, and paper records, within a 650 foot deep salt mine in Kansas. Clients from across the United States and around the world entrust important records, data, and assets to Underground Vaults & Storage.


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