From the underground

Storage and digital media partnership announced

HUTCHINSON, KS – Underground Vaults & Storage, headquartered in Kansas and a leader in the secure storage industry, and 2G Digital Post, the entertainment industry’s premier digital migration innovators, announce a partnership to pair ultra-secure offsite storage with the world’s first 3D Virtual Library along with end-to-end digital media migration.

Ultimate Security

Formed to support the entire lifecycle of media assets, the partnership allows clients to store high- value media elements in one of the safest locations in the world – 650’ below ground in UV&S’s flagship storage center buried deep inside a salt mine. For over 50 years, UV&S has been trusted by worldwide clients, including major film and television studios, to store their most valued assets.

Active Storage

Media assets, even in storage, are active and 2G’s patented 6D Virtual Library system keeps the elements within reach at all times. Deployed exclusively at UV&S, the 6D Virtual Library provides a 3D rendering of elements that can be accessed and manipulated directly on a desktop browser from anywhere in the world. The interactive 3D image allows the user to rotate, zoom and virtually open a box to view the contents inside. The patented system also provides a complete Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that automatically captures all the metadata located on the element, including barcodes. This allows clients the piece-of-mind knowing the elements ares afe underground, while also giving them immediate access to their library elements.

Today’s Assets, Tomorrow’s Technology

In today’s world, film and tape have given way to electronic media. When it is time to convert assets to a lasting digital format, it can all be done without ever leaving the security of the underground facility. Capitalizing on the expertise of 2G Digital Post and their 18 year history of studio and network support, 2G’s newly developed mEYEcontm kiosks will allow for the quick capture and retrieval of media. With fiber optic connections, a full suite of media fulfillment services is immediately available without an asset leaving the underground. Unparalleled long-term storage with immediate access to 2G’s full suite of fulfillment and digital delivery services – managing the media lifecycle has never been easier for UV&S clients.

Underground Vaults & Storage and 2G Digital Post will officially launch their partnership at the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Conference in Austin, Texas, November 16-19. Demonstrations of the 6D Virtual Library system and additional details will be presented at the vendor show during the conference.


For more information contact: Jeff Ollenburger, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, UV&S 620-662-6769 or by email at

Chuck Filliettaz, President, 2G Digital Post 310-840-0600 or by email at