From the underground

Shredding and Regulations

Underground Vaults & Storage has invested our time to remain informed of the laws and regulations regarding the destruction of private information.  Some of these regulations include HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, SOX, HITECH, and the RED FLAG Rule.  Our Policies and Procedures have been created with these rules in mind to help you comply with the different legislations.  Most businesses are affected by some or all of these regulations so it’s very important to have a shredding vendor you can trust.  With the ever changing regulatory environment you want someone in your corner that is keeping up with the changes and implementing policies to help you remain compliant.
For our client’s peace of mind and to keep industry best practices, we renew out NAID certification every year.  This requires a yearly audit of our security standards and Policies and Procedures to ensure we are maintaining the highest levels of security.  Part of our policies include the documentation of the transfer of custody of any material we pick up for shred.  We provide an Agreement of Service to record what we received, when we took custody, and how the material will be destroyed.  After the material is destroyed we send a Certificate of Destruction documenting the date of destruction.  To help you be compliant we will also provide a contract that meets all the requirements for HIPPA.  The document spells out our respective responsibilities and stipulates necessary compliance language so even if you are not covered under HIPPA and require a contract, we will execute a contract with each client to go above the expectations of compliance and protect the reputation of your business.