Scanning and Imaging

For fast access or digital archiving.

Contrary to popular belief, scanning paper documents can cost much more than simply storing them – both over the long and short terms.

However, when a nurse needs a medical chart immediately, same day retrieval may not be fast enough. When a clerk of court needs a criminal court docket from three states away, our courier service may not be economical, and faxing may not offer enough security.

For these situations and many more, we offer scanning services and encrypted digital transmission.

Document Scanning

Many clients choose to save money by only scanning documents by request, rather than an entire box or archive. Thus they do not have to pay for scanning of documents they may never need to see in digital form.

When you request scanning of an item, you pay only the per page fee. Our staff manually scans your documents and checks quality.

Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm scanning must be handled with an eye for preservation. Quality must be controlled as contrast, focus, and orientation can vary significantly from image to image.

Our trained staff observes proper procedures for handling, makes sure scanning equipment is cleaned before each use, checks the quality of each scanned image, and promptly refiles the microfilm original in our vaults.

Encrypted Transmission

Sending sensitive images via e-mail is quick, but may not meet many client’s security needs. Scanned images may be too large to send. We offer secure, encrypted digital transmission via a password-protected file transfer service. Simply request an item, and we will send you an e-mail with instructions for download.

Record to Media

We also burn images to recordable optical disk (CD-R) for shipping or archiving purposes.

Large Volume Imaging

Clients may request imaging of a large volume of paper originals or microfilm originals to serve as “working copies”, while the originals remain in storage or are scheduled for destruction. This is generally a manual process to guarantee image quality and usefulness.


Scanning and Imaging
  • Fast access
  • Secure transmission
  • Human-eye quality checked
  • Lower cost

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