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AAA Certified Shredding Solutions

In addition to specializing in secure records storage and asset management, we offer secure destruction services. We have been awarded the AAA Certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and the highest level of secure destruction available. With our comprehensive shredding method, a customer does not need to sort their paper materials by color or remove staples and paper clips.

We can provide both off-site and onsite shredding, availability depends on where you are located. Both services are secure but if your business requires it, we can destroy records at your location and in your presence. Our shredding services are available on the following basis; scheduled recurring service, on call with advance notice, file purge or clean-outs, and Community Shred Events.

Scheduled Recurring and On Call Services

For recurring and on call services, we can provide shredding storage containers in your office to be picked up and shredded when scheduled. We have two storage container options.

Security Console – It is 35” X 19” X 16” and holds approximately 75-100 pounds of paper. The front is a lockable door that is tamper evident. Other sizes may be available by request.

Security Tub – It is made of injected molded plastic for high strength and security and is 43” X 24” X 27”. It holds approximately 200-250 pounds of paper and has a two wheel axel for easy movement of the tub.

Mobile Shredding for Community Shred Events

In addition to business and individual document destruction, our mobile shredding units are used to host Community Shred Events. These events are typically open to the public and help create awareness and prevention of identity theft.

Non Paper Media Destruction

In addition to paper, we can also shred other media that contains sensitive information including; CD’s, floppy disks, tapes, and X-rays.  If it has information that you need destroyed, call us to see if we can shred it for you.


Our shredding services are available on the following basis:
  • Professional Recurring or On Call Destruction
  • File purge or clean out
  • Community Shred Events
  • Offsite and Onsite Destruction
To assure the highest level of security and safety, materials to be destroyed are:
  • Held in securable containers
  • Transported in our certified vehicle
  • Processed in our certified vehicle or facility
  • Remains are recycled into new paper when possible
  • Customer is provided with a certificate of destruction
  • Our services have a ‘AAA’ NAID certified rating

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