Microform Services

Archiving, access and preservation services.

As a specialized archive for microfilm, michofiche and aperture cards since 1959, we’ve developed an array of services designed for speedy access and proper storage.

Microform Storage

Our microform storage vaults maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for film bases including acetate, polyester, silver and diazo. Drawer storage is available for microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. We also offer two segregated preservation vaults; one limited to silver films, the other limited to Kodak Brown Toned films.


UV&S Microfiche Box (15″l x 7″w x 4 3/4″h)

Microform Management & Tracking

Secure microform management services include barcoding, tracking, retrieval, interfiling, cataloguing and organization of your microfilmed records. We offer same day retrieval services. Our specially-trained staff observes standard protocols for handling and inspection of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.

Inspection Services

You can rely on our trained staff to inspect items while in storage for redox, vinegar syndrome, or other signs of deterioration. If signs of redox are found, we can request Brown Toning services from a Kodak Certified Microfilm Preservation Lab on your behalf. If signs of vinegar syndrome are found, we can coordinate duplication or imaging.

Transportation & Shipping

Our wholly-owned fleet of courier vans and trucks offers competitively-priced pickup and delivery. We ship using a variety of third party carriers. We can also mail or fax hard copy printouts of your images, without removing microforms from the safety of storage.

Scanning and Digital Transmission

We offer microfilm, microfiche and aperture card scanning services for retrieval requests and digital archiving programs. Since contrast, focus, orientation and detail can vary significantly from image to image, each scan is done by hand by a trained operator. Images can be uploaded to a secure, encrypted and password-protected web site for your convenient download.

Specialized Services

We partner with specialist companies for extended services, allowing us to be your single source. These services include detailed microfilm inspection, silver duplication, Kodak Brown Toning, and high volume imaging.


Microform Services
  • Extends the life of your information
  • Boosts your compliance efforts
  • Flexible to meet your needs
  • Specialists at your fingertips
  • Single source for extended services

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