E-Waste Management

Securely destroy electronic waste

Our shred division can also help you manage E-Waste in your home or office.  E-Waste is a term that describes any electronic device you are ready to discard that has a circuit board.  No whole items are remarketed, protecting your information. For legal and environmental reasons, it is very important to recycle your E-Waste responsibly.

Why Recycle with Underground Vaults & Storage?

Security – Several businesses already trust us to destroy their confidential documents, you can also trust us with the confidential information on your electronics.  If you don’t use a certified company, your material may end up in a landfill or in the wrong hands.

Protect the Environment – There are secure ways to re-use the materials in old electronics, and by recycling them, we are conserving our natural resources and keeping our landfills from filling up.

Flexibility – E-Waste Management is easily combined with the other services you use or we can schedule a pick-up in one of our secure vehicles.



  • All information is safely and confidentially destroyed
  • We can pick up the material for you, saving you the hassle
  • Protect the environment by re-using resources

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