Disaster Recovery Services

We want your recovery to go smoothly.

Nearly 80% of businesses without a business continuity plan will fold within 6 months after experiencing a major incident. We can keep that from happening to you.

A well-planned, located and constructed underground storage facility is virtually impervious to natural and manmade disaster. Its atmosphere is cool, dry, and stable. It hides sensitive information from prying eyes and is infinitely customizable.

Underground storage offers the maximum-possible security for sensitive media, critical data, important records, and vital assets. Our storage facilities, secure courier services, and consulting services are a valuable resource for companies, business continuity planners, and disaster recovery professionals alike. When disaster strikes, you’ll know your items are safe with Underground Vaults & Storage.

Data Storage

There is no shortage of places to store data tapes and CD’s. We’ve seen them in residential basements, self storage facilities, buildings on campus…even desk drawers. They sit there, waiting for a house fire, water damage from a sprinkler system or a burst pipe, or temperature fluctuations to render them unreadable. Recent data thefts underline the need for proper data storage.

Our climate-controlled media vaults are your best answer for protecting vital information. Your media will benefit from temperature, humidity and filtration controls, online climate monitoring, 2 hour fire rated doors and walls, dry fire suppression and more.

Economical data tape rotation services make sure your backups are picked up and returned safely, according to your established schedule. And in the event of an incident or disaster, our courier service will put data back in your hands, FAST.

Underground media vaults in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kentucky offer the maximum possible protection for clients across the nation. The Hutchinson salt mine facility offers naturally ideal temperature and humidity, the Kansas City and Louisville facility offer climate controlled media vaults.

Our Wichita, Kansas, Topeka, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma above ground facilities offer vaults to serve clients throughout surrounding areas.

Vital Records Storage

Off-site vital records storage helps protect business and private information from damage, theft and fraud. We offer six secure records storage facilities to meet your disaster prevention and business continuity needs.


Business continuity planning is a multi-step process requiring complete management support.

A Certified Records Manager (CRM) is available to help you. From objective-setting to Business Impact Analysis (BIA), from formulating strategies to defining and assigning tasks, our CRM’s training and experience smooths the process.

Our consulting service can evaluate your current storage and data tape vaulting needs, and recommend services to meet those needs economically, efficiently and securely.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Faster return to business as usual
  • Vital to compliance efforts
  • Geographically separates vital information
  • Protects from natural and manmade disaster

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