Destruction and Shredding

Compliant certified destruction.

Most items in storage will eventually reach a retention date and destroying the wrong item, or failing to destroy the correct one, could be catastrophic.  Our people and procedures are in place to ensure that when you contact us for destruction, the correct boxes are pulled, confirmed, and the information is destroyed to your compliance specifications. Our bonded destruction service provides you with a certificate of destruction for your piece of mind.

Confirmation of Items

Our trained staff is well-versed in industry-standard destruction principles. Our procedures are time-tested to check and double-check that the correct items are marked for destruction. We confirm that the person ordering destruction is properly authorized by you.

Destruction of items in storage

When an authorized individual contacts us because items in storage have reached their retention date, if the destruction list is exceptionally long, we can schedule the destruction of your items to ensure they are destroyed in a timely manner but none before their retention dates. Our proven methods enhance the process and assure your destruction order is handled in an organized, thoughtful manner.

Methods of Destruction

Our standard method of destruction for most records is NAID certified shredding.  Since we store so many different media types including acetate and polyester microfilm, magnetic tapes, and hard drives, if we don’t offer the destruction method to meet your compliance needs, we also contract with third-party destruction services for more specialized methods.

Certificate of Destruction

We provide a Certificate of Destruction certifying that proper destruction procedures were met. It specifies the destruction method, date destroyed, type of material and provides a reference number. This certificate should be kept in your files for proof of compliance. It is at this point that we remove your items from our inventory management system.


Certified Destruction
  • Ensures compliance standards are met
  • Provides proof of destruction
  • Cost effective

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