Underground Storage

Disaster, deterioration, and deception protection.

Underground storage offers the maximum-possible security for sensitive media, critical data, important records, and vital assets.

A well-planned, located and constructed underground storage facility is virtually impervious to natural and manmade disaster. Its atmosphere is cool, dry, and stable. It hides sensitive information from prying eyes, and is infinitely customizable. Though items may be stored miles away, the storage company must meet client needs for fast and secure access.

Our three facilities in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky serve clients across the nation and around the world. Nobody does underground storage better than Underground Vaults & Storage.

Our premiere salt mine facility offers unrivaled protection. Wrapped in a 400 ft thick rock salt cocoon, located 650 ft below the earth’s surface, and accessible only by vertical freight elevator; it is one of the largest and most secure storage facilities in the world. Two limestone mine facilities offer drive-up dock access, proximity to larger cities, and refrigerated storage.

When disaster strikes, you’ll know your items are safe with Underground Vaults & Storage.

Geographic Separation

Disaster planning and compliance experts agree – offsite storage reduces your risk and enables faster recovery from disaster. Our three facilities are not only geographically-separate from your organization – they are miles from danger zones associated with oceans, rivers, seismic fault lines, flood plains, military activity and volcanic hot spots. Our Hutchinson salt mine facility is also located far from major metropolitan areas, hidden under the fields of Kansas.

Protection in Depth

Our clients fear no tornado, wildfire, explosion, deluge, blizzard, windstorm, or any other above-ground calamity. Records and assets lay buried within limestone formations, or 650 ft below the earth within 400 ft of solid rock salt.

Naturally Ideal Conditions

Our natural underground temperature and humidity is ideal for nearly every media – cool, dry and stable. Unlike above ground storage facilities, which must rely on climate control equipment and electricity, our underground atmosphere is not susceptible to brownouts, blackouts, or equipment failure. The salt mine facility is exceptional in this regard – the natural temperature is 70°F while the average relative humidity remains an ideal 45%.

Infinite Customization

Clients have requested 15,000 sq. ft. private rooms, concrete block walls, bank vault doors, custom lighting, custom data tape racking, direct fiberoptic connections, work rooms, staffed work areas, drawer storage, additional dehumidification, refrigeration, restricted employee access, vaults within vaults, and other unique storage arrangements.

Focused Security Measures

Our underground facilities have limited access points. We then protect those points using any combination of video surveillance, infrared, biometrics, redundant security systems, temperature and humidity monitoring, vault doors, security guards and more. Our salt mine facility enjoys an added, natural security measure: a 650 ft drop via vertical elevator shaft. No truck can physically access this facility.

Fast Client Access

Rest assured, your records and assets are within your reach, even if you are states or oceans away! We offer scanning and encrypted digital transmission, overnight shipping via third party carrier, and transportation via our wholly-owned fleet of freight trucks and courier vans.


Underground Storage
  • Maximum possible protection
  • Secures your information from prying eyes
  • Environment extends the life of your media
  • Flexible and customizable to your needs

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