Refrigerated Storage

Ideal for sensitive media.

Refrigerated storage vaults are maintained at a cool, dry temperature designed to extend the life of film elements, sound recordings, and other sensitive media.

Underground Vaults

Not only are your materials kept cool and dry, they reside deep underground – away from tornados, flooding, civil unrest, earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes. These vaults are hidden from prying eyes, geographically distanced from your facility, within a secured storage facility.

Refrigerated Conditions

Refrigerated storage vaults are kept 45 degrees fahrenheit, 40% average relative humidity, year round. Refrigeration significantly extends the useful life of sensitive movie and television films, microfilms, and other media.

Custom Refrigerated Storage Vaults

We custom build refrigeration vaults to meet your unique needs. These vaults offer additional privacy for your assets, as well as options including additional climate control options, filtration, racking style, size, wall construction, vault door style, additional access restrictions, work areas and monitoring systems.


Refrigerated Storage Vaults
  • Extends the life of media
  • Protects from fluctuation
  • Underground protection from disaster

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