Media Vaults

The only place for critical data.

Backing up to data tape is simply not enough these days. Legislation compliance and business continuity plans demand that the tape is protected, accessible, and that the data is recoverable.

Underground Vaults and Storage offers media vaults to meet those demands.

Geographically Separate Storage

Dramatically reduces risks due to natural disaster, facility fire / disaster, employee fraud or civic unrest.

Fast Access

Our wholly-owned and bonded courier fleet offers economical tape rotation services. You have 24/7/365 access to information.

Private Media Vaults

Custom media vaults are available to suit your temperature, humidity, filtration, and access needs. These provide complete privacy within our facilities.


Media Vaults
  • Ideal storage environment
  • Vault within secured facility
  • Additional protection and monitoring
  • Fast access for recovery

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