Movie Film Storage

Film elements and sound recordings.

Decades ago, film and television studios recognized that our uniquely cool, dry atmosphere, the distance from natural disaster and metropolitan exposure, and our location 58 floors below ground , were ideal for long term archiving of movie films. We eliminated high warehouse lease rates as well as reduced labor and utility costs. Our film vaults are void of anything that challenges asset protection at surface level, including seismic activity, fires and intrusion.

Underground Vaults & Storage is recognized as a leader in secure storage for the motion picture and entertainment industry.  Our three mine locations in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky offer climate controlled vaults, refrigerated storage, inspection and cataloging services, same day retrieval, same day shipping, and refrigerated transportation services.

Underground Vaults & Storage is a proud member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA).

Underground Vault Storage

Regardless of weather or season topside, our three underground facilities maintain a naturally cool, dry storage environment deemed well-suited for film and sound archiving. Additional climate controls are available to meet your specifications, including refrigeration and dehumidification.

The Hutchinson salt mine facility is tucked miles away from seismic activity, oceans, metropolitan areas or military installations, 650 ft deep within a solid salt formation that is 400 ft thick. Our limestone mine facilities in Kansas City and Louisville offer refrigerated storage, dock access, and closer proximity to metropolitan areas. All three locations are within one hour of a major airport, facilitating immediate retrievals to your studio or workplace.

Movie and television vaults are fully customizable, with no limit to space available. Whether you can fill a custom-designed 15,000 square foot private bay or a one reel slot, we will custom build to your requirement.

Refrigerated Storage

We offer refrigerated and dehumidified media vault storage in Kansas City. Customized refrigeration vaults are available retrofit to your specific environmental criterion.

Shipping and Refrigerated Transportation

Geographic separation is your initial effort in securing your company’s precious resources. Security and reduced lease expense aside – we offer same day retrieval, same day shipping, and one of the most efficient company-owned refrigerated truck fleets on the road. Compare local lease, storage and transport costs to ours: We beat both coasts, pennies on the dollar.


Our experienced and Hollywood-trained staff can conduct periodic inspections of your collections while in storage. They can also inventory and re-box while in our secure vaults, eliminating third party personnel.

Cataloging Content

Improperly indexed I.P.’s, poorly catalogued reels, and lost production logs are unfortunately commonplace. Our staff can identify the elements in storage, enter information into a secure database, repackage them in standardized boxes, and place them back in storage.

Storage Planning Services

We work on-site with asset managers, archivists and librarians, cinematographers and directors to prioritize and coordinate transfer to secure storage. For clients on the west coast, our experienced account executive is resident in southern California.

Prop and Costume Storage

A natural extension of our film and sound archiving services, our prop and costume storage service keeps valuable items out of harm’s way.


Movie Film Storage
  • Dramatically lowers storage costs
  • Same day retrieval and shipping
  • Extends the life of your assets
  • Incomparable protection from disaster
  • Security from theft and fraud

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