Healthcare Records Storage

Medical charts, x-rays and vital records.

Off-site healthcare records storage offers additional efficiencies, enhanced security, and eased HIPAA compliance.

We store and manage patient records, electronic healthcare records backups, oversized x-rays and more.

Patient Record Storage

For those patient records that are best left physical, we provide economical and secure storage. Our service frees up valuable space for revenue-generating services. When compared to the cost of proper climate control, staffing, benefits, lost potential revenue, and training: UV&S can save you money and headache.

Every item is barcoded, entered into our robust management system, and tracked. You can request retrieval by box, file folder, or individual chart. Filing, refiling and interfiling are common requests. We offer same day retrievals and shipping. For faster retrieval, we offer scanning and encrypted digital transmission.

Radiological Film Storage

Both climate-controlled and unconditioned x-ray storage is available, regardless of size or film media.


UV&S X-ray Box (19 1/4″l x 6 1/2″w x 15″h)

Microfilm and Microfiche Storage

Our climate-controlled microfilm vaults are specially designed for acetate, polyester, silver and diazo-based microfilms. We also have two specialized preservation vaults: One limited to brown toned microfilm, the other limited to silver microfilm. We offer scanning and transmission services, and can coordinate more specialized duplication, restoration and imaging services.

Backup Data Storage

With the rise of electronic records, digital x-rays, and sonogram recordings comes the increased need for secure healthcare data storage. We’ve seen data tapes in doctor basements, clinic basements…even desk drawers. One clinic fire, one spike in temperature and humidity, one dropped tape, and the data may be unrecoverable. Recent identity thefts underline the importance of proper healthcare data storage.

We offer economical tape vaulting services for clinics, hospitals and labs. Our bonded courier driver will pick up your tapes, enter them into our system, place them within one of our climate-controlled media vaults, and change them out according to your rotation schedule.

Our records centers are perfect for archiving your long term medical records.


Healthcare Records Storage
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Boost compliance
  • Protect patient information
  • Prevent electronic records loss

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