Drawing and Map Storage

Place oversized documents in our care.

Our secure storage facilities help you guard intellectual property and preserve historical record. Engineering drawings, platt maps, historic maps, architectural drawings, architectural renderings and original artworks are all found in our archives.

Whether your oversized documents are rolled, flat, bound or hung: We can provide long-term storage conditions and security.

Secure Storage Facilities

Six geographically-separate facilities offer secure storage of drawings and maps. Items are barcoded and entered into our robust tracking system. They can be identified by master container, drawer, or document.

Clients store them rolled, flat, hanging and bound.

Underground Storage

While all of our facilities can store drawings and maps, our underground facilities offer stable temperature and humidity more suited for long term preservation. These facilities in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky do not suffer from above ground climate fluctuations. They lie outside the reach of major flood plains. They also offer additional temperature control, humidity control, filtration, and even refrigerated storage.

Retrieval and Refile

We offer same day retrieval, fast courier services, and overnight shipping – ensuring you have what you need, when you need it. Items can then be refiled efficiently when you return them to storage.

Custom Facilities

We will customize to your unique needs. We can provide private facilities for separation from other clients, additional climate control, filtration, custom vaults, custom racking, drawer storage and more.


Drawing and Map Storage
  • Fast, secure access to valuable information
  • Protection from natural and manmade disaster
  • Ideal storage conditions
  • Easily customizable

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