Data Tape Storage

Data tape storage and rotation services.

News headlines underscore the importance of secure data tape storage. You can significantly reduce your risk of identity theft, data loss due to disaster or tape degradation by entrusting your data to Underground Vaults and Storage.

Our underground and above ground secure media vaults maintain ideal climates for permanent data tape storage and active rotation alike.

Underground Media Vaults

Media vaults assure proper data tape storage conditions and security. Our climate-controlled media vaults feature dry fire suppression systems and fire monitoring systems. Walls and doors are properly fire rated. We offer racked data tape storage, or you can provide them in data tape carriers.

Our underground vaults in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky offer added protection from disaster, as well as naturally stable climates. For the ultimate in data tape storage, go underground.

Data Tape Rotation Services

The best disaster and failure recovery protocols demand off-site data storage.

Whether you have one monthly tape or 5,000 tapes a day, our people and technology are well suited to the task. Bonded and trained UV&S couriers are on the street every day. Items are barcoded and entered into our inventory management system. Recurring pickups and deliveries can be scheduled, even years in advance.

Data Tape Library Storage

If your organization generates large volumes of data, we have a place for you. Some clients entrust data tapes in the tens of thousands to our care – all barcoded, organized, and available for quick retrieval.

Legacy Magnetic Media Archiving

Technologies and media change, but the need to store remains the same. If conversion to newer media is too expensive, place your legacy media in our care.

Disaster Recovery Services

In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, your critical data tapes are always accessible. We can deliver your data via courier, third party carrier, or you can pick up your data tapes in person. If the situation demands, we will hop on a plane and deliver to you personally.


Data Tape Storage Off-Site
  • Fulfills disaster recovery needs
  • Boosts compliance
  • Organized, convenient rotations
  • Protection from disaster
  • 24/7 and emergency access available

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