Art and Artifact Storage

They are safest underground.

From time immemorial, precious items and documents were buried underground for safekeeping. Thousands of artworks and artifacts were shielded from Luftwaffe bombs in England’s underground caves. Stolen treasures from all over war-torn Europe were liberated from Hitler’s salt mines – in pristine condition.

Recent disasters have highlighted the importance of disaster planning and proper storage.

Three underground storage facilities stand ready to safeguard your cultural treasures. Contact us to learn why Talkies rest comfortable near the newest Oscar winners, fearing no disaster. We’ll explain how antique carriages, original documents and time-stopping photographs live longer in our environment.

Climate-Controlled Underground Storage

Our premiere salt mine storage facility is miles from any oceans, flood plains, hurricanes, earthquakes, military centers, terrorism targets, or civil unrest. It is buried 650 feet below tornados, high humidity, sweltering temperatures, wildfires, blizzards, conventional weapons, thieves and vandals – within a 400 ft thick salt formation. It’s called forever storage. History proves no place is 100% safe: Yet you won’t find any place safer.

We also offer two unique limestone mine facilities in Kansas City and Louisville. They offer dock access, closer proximity to metropolitan areas. The Kansas City facility also offers refrigerated storage.

Our natural underground atmosphere keeps your items cool and dry. Additional climate controls and filtration are available.

Access is severely limited and almost invisible. We augment this advantage with physical and technological security measures.

Barcoding and inventory technology ensure constant tracking. We have more than 45 years of procedures and experience securing materials for thousands of clients, large and small.

Microfilm Storage

Climate-controlled microfilm vaults are specially designed for historic acetate, polyester, silver and diazo-based microfilms. We also have two specialized preservation vaults: One limited to brown toned microfilm, the other limited to silver microfilm.

We can scan and digitally transmit images to you, or print and deliver them to you, without removing originals from storage. We also coordinate specialized services for preservation, restoration and duplication.

Photograph and Moving Image Storage

Our unique climate, geographic separation from disaster, and lower storage cost have earned us a Hollywood reputation as an ideal destination for film elements, sound recordings, videotapes, magnetic media, and even props.

We can also store original photographic negatives, positives, prints, Daguerreotypes, tintypes, glass negatives, salt prints, and slides.

Same-Day Retrieval

We offer same day retrievals of your artworks and artifacts, same day shipping, and an experienced climate-controlled transportation fleet.

Easy Customization

From 15,000 sq ft private rooms to 100 sq ft vaults, private vaults to shared vaults, we can meet your need. We offer choices of wall construction, climate control, refrigeration, air filtration, racking and drawer style, lighting, and a host of other features for artifact storage.

Cataloging Services

We can inventory the artworks and artifacts you place in storage, help organize and catalog them, for a very reasonable hourly or per-item fee.


Off-Site Art and Artifact Storage
  • Protection from natural and manmade disaster
  • Potential cost savings
  • Ideal storage conditions
  • Security from theft and prying eyes
  • Easily customizable

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