From the underground

New UV&S Gallery Completed within Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Hutchinson, KS – It could be the first museum gallery in the world devoted to interpreting the storage and management of records, data, and motion picture assets.

A new 6,000 sq ft gallery within the Kansas Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson describes one of the two businesses operating in the salt mine – Underground Vaults & Storage.

Exhibits Include:

UV&S & World History – Nearly 50 years of UV&S growth, compared to events that have shaped the world.

Disaster Protection – Risks that drive many companies and institutions to protect information & assets in the salt mine.

Motion Pictures – Why do so many motion picture companies store their assets in a Kansas salt mine? You’ll see the answer, as well as several artifacts on loan from a major motion picture client – Costumes, props, posters and animation sketches.

Oil / Gas Data – These companies spend millions of dollars looking for oil & gas, UV&S helps them protect that valuable information.

Healthcare Information – Medical records are important, private – and often stored in the salt mine.

Data Storage Evolution – From Hollerith Punch Cards to high capacity data tapes…data storage is critical and ever-changing.

Life Size Storage – Just because you can’t walk inside the UV&S secure storage facility, doesn’t mean you can’t get the experience.

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