From the underground

New Motion Picture Items Introduced to the Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Hutchinson, Kan – Underground Vaults and Storage(UV&S) has recently added items on loan from Sony Pictures Studios to its exhibit in the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. The new costumes and props on loan from Sony add to the currently displayed items from Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc.

Other highlights of the UV&S gallery include:

Data Storage Evolution – From Hollerith Punch Cards to high capacity data tapes…data storage is critical and always changing

Disaster Protection – Risks that persuade numerous companies and institutions to protect their assets in the salt mine.

UV&S & World History – Almost 50 years of UV&S growth in comparison to important world events

Health Care Information – Vital and private, medical records are frequently stored in the salt mine.

Oil / Gas Data – Companies invest millions in their search for oil and gas, UV& S protects that important information.

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Medical records, court records, backup data tapes, legal documents. They all take up space and must be securely managed. Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (UV&S), a privately-held information and records management company established in 1959, operates 3 underground and 3 above ground secure storage facilities. It is perhaps known best for storing millions of items including movie films, data tapes, and paper records, within a 650 foot deep salt mine in Kansas. Clients from across the United States and around the world entrust important records, data, and assets to Underground Vaults & Storage.