From the underground

It’s Easy Being Green – We’ve Been that Way for 50 Years…

Over the past several years, businesses have been consistently beefing up their green credentials by building eco-conscious factories and sponsoring initiatives that make clear their commitment to the environmental cause. Going Green has become a buzz word heard in commercials, plastered on retail packaging, and even used in company slogans with the hopes of increasing profits.

Underground Vaults and Storage, Inc. has operated as a green company since 1959, before being green was even considered popular. By simply reusing the 38 acres mined out by the Hutchinson Salt Company, we are recycling space. Our underground facility requires no air conditioning or gas furnace heating. We remain at a constant temperature of 68 degrees throughout the year simply due to our location in the earth. The salt in the air naturally preserves our paper records and helps us maintain a level of humidity averaging a steady 45%. All lighting underground is fluorescent, which is generally considered to use more than 50 percent less energy and to last several times longer. In addition, we paint the walls and ceilings underground white in order to use less lighting and electricity.

When creating concrete floors underground, we mix salt fines with concrete instead of bringing in sand. Most of our employees use three wheeled bicycles underground for transportation in addition to simply walking. Our carts and forklifts are electric, and our heavier equipment is powered by environmentally friendly biodiesel. When equipment breaks down, we simply fix the problem underground. Repairing machinery onsite is cheaper than hauling the broken machine topside piece by piece and having it shipped somewhere for repair. Our method is also less expensive and more eco-friendly than purchasing a new machine which would have to be brought in piece by piece due to the space available in the mine shaft.

A report by Havas Media found that of 20,000 consumers surveyed, 80% of respondents are more likely to purchase from brands that have adopted environmentally sustainable practices. 48% of these consumers were even willing to pay more for sustainable goods and services. Stunning research…wonder if those same consumers would be even more loyal to a company who has been committed to preserving the world’s resources since 1959? Underground Vaults and Storage – we’ve been green since before being green was cool!

Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (UV&S), a privately-held information and records management company established in 1959, operates 3 underground and 3 above ground secure storage facilities. It is perhaps known best for storing millions of items including movie films, data tapes, and paper records, within a 650 foot deep salt mine in Kansas. Clients from across the United States and around the world entrust important records, data, and assets to Underground Vaults & Storage.