From the underground

Irreplaceable Things

Insurance can be a real lifesaver when something is stolen, lost or destroyed, but there are things that can be lost that can’t be replaced with a fat insurance check.
The movies would have us think that it takes grappling hooks, pulleys and an acrobatic romp through a laser grid to make off with priceless artifacts. The reality is quite a bit more mundane.

Throughout history, great works of art have gone missing, never to be seen again. And it doesn’t take an acrobat, barbarian invasion or centuries of poor recordkeeping, just ask the city of San Francisco or the collectors who lost items in the 2004 Momart fire.

The security of the location where art is stored is at least as important as the security when it is on display. That includes security against natural and manmade disasters as well as security against theft. It also includes security against the elements, as plain old air and humidity can cause deterioration.

If you have questions about the best way to store your valuable artifacts, give us a call here at UV&S. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and make a recommendation.

*Photo: Willam Redgrave – The Event lost in the Momart fire