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Your files have never been safer

Your files are your future, whether it’s today’s spreadsheet, last year’s box of documents or a data tape from 30 years ago. Since 1959, UV&S has grown to be a world leader in secure storage. Organizations of all sizes entrust UV&S with their most prized assets, from movie studios to manufacturers, financial firms to family businesses. When it absolutely has to be safe, trust UV&S — for security…forever.

Off-site storage is the key to protecting your assets

Bad things can happen to good companies: Weather damage, water leaks, break-ins, electrical fires and worse. Underground Vaults and Storage’s (UV&S) six nationwide facilities offer you maximum protection from disaster, deterioration and theft.

Whether they’re located in one of our aboveground or underground facilities, your assets are in a well-protected, climate- controlled area that prevents unauthorized access. We offer unlimited, secure storage space that can be customized to meet your privacy and furnishing needs. Thousands of companies worldwide trust UV&S to protect their vital assets.


Our Services
  • Complete records and information management: We offer 24/7 access and fast, affordable storage, retrieval and delivery of your important records.
  • Storage consulting: Call us for disaster planning, records organization, business impact analysis and more.
  • Data tape rotation: Set your schedule, and we’ll safely transport your data to and from our many vaults.
  • Destruction and shredding: Certified, bonded destruction of sensitive documents.
  • Micrographic services: Climate-controlled storage, management and tracking, imaging, preservation and more.
  • Document conversion: Transfer paper documents to digital media for fast access.
  • Data security services: Ensure the safety of your critical data with UV&S co-location and backup.
  • Dedicated transportation fleet: Guaranteed secure delivery to and from our location to yours.
  • Special projects: From indexing and inventory, to fulfillment services to imaging projects, we can help.

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