Oil and Gas Records Storage

From geology maps to 4-D seismic data.

The oil and gas industry has come a long way since we first began storing geological maps in the early 1960’s. Core samples, well logs, seismic data tapes; we store it all for some of the biggest energy companies in the world.

Oil and gas records are more like assets than records – tremendously valuable to exploration and production. Seismic maps are data intensive, requiring massive amounts of storage.

Underground Vaults & Storage offers three unique facilities for seismic data libraries, support data, business records, maps, and core samples. We offer same day retrieval, same day shipping, and a wholly-owned transportation fleet to meet your needs for fast, secure access.


Oil and Gas Records Storage
  • Protection from natural and manmade disaster
  • Safeguards information from vandalism and theft
  • Ideal digital media storage environment
  • Fast, secure access to valuable information

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