Medical Records Storage

Paper, electronic records, x-rays, samples.

At Underground Vaults & Storage, we have more than 50 years experience storing and managing vital medical records. From patient records and data tapes to oversized x-rays and more, you can relax knowing your records are safe from the elements, filed away for easy retrieval and secure in our vault 650 feet underground.

Off-site healthcare records storage offers additional efficiencies, enhanced security, and eased HIPAA compliance. Reduce storage costs, boost compliance, protect patient information and prevent electronic records loss with Underground Vaults & Storage.

We help you manage your records throughout their complete lifecycle. From the time we take possession of the files at your practice until their eventual destruction, your files never leave our possession — no third party transportation companies, no sending them through the mail. We handle legal and industry specific compliance concerns and you maintain 24/7 access with digital file transfer and a dedicated transportation fleet.


Medical Records Storage
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Boost compliance efforts
  • Protect patient information from disaster
  • Prevent electronic records loss

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