From the underground

Employee Spotlight: Sheila Williams Celebrates 20 Years at UV&S

A conversation with a friend started a 20 year journey for Sheila Williams at UV&S.

Planning a move to Hutchinson in 1992, longtime friend Stephanie Pauley asked Sheila how she felt about working in a big hole in the ground. Sheila didn’t think twice, and thus began her two decades (and counting) employment with UV&S.

For 16 years, Sheila spent her days 650’ underground in the salt mine, an experience she still looks back with fondly. Having the opportunity to develop relationships with countless clients made her time working directly in records management feel less like a job and more like helping friends. However, when the opportunity came up to move to the corporate office and become the Central Authorization Clerk, the idea of trying something different was appealing and Sheila traded her hard hat for a desk at ground level.

In her current role, Sheila works with clients to complete authorizations for access rights to information for each account. As the gatekeeper for information security, Sheila takes her role seriously – but still manages to have fun interacting with clients. In fact, walk around the corporate office and it is hard not to notice Sheila’s ever-present smile and sense of humor, especially in the break room during snack days where you can find her taste-testing all of the assorted goodies.

With 20 years in her rearview mirror, Sheila already looks forward to the next milestone with her UV&S family. When work is this much fun, Sheila couldn’t think of anything she’d rather be doing.

Sheila, thanks for taking Stephanie’s call back then, and thank you for 20 great years. See you at the front of the snack line!