From the underground

Employee Spotlight: Robin Krieg Celebrates 25 years with UVS

After spending 25 years with the same company, you might not expect someone to be infectiously polite and happy, but that’s exactly what you get from Robin Krieg.

As the receptionist in the mine and billing clerk, Robin loves that she gets to talk with the customers every day. And in the context of the current heat wave, she’s happy that the mine is nice and cool.

Things have changed a bit at UVS during her tenure. When she started, only A and B corridors were open, and they were working on C corridor. Now, it goes out to I. She says the old elevator could get a little claustrophobic when packed with people, but she likes the new one just fine and loves the new office she’s been in the last 4 years.

Outside of work, Robin and her husband like to tinker with old cars and attend car shows, enjoying a couple of ’55 Chevys and a few Fords and Chevys from the 30s in various states of disrepair.

So how have the past 25 years gone for Robin? Faster than the old automobiles it seems. She says they’ve flown right by.

Congratulations on 25 years at Underground Vaults & Storage, Robin. We’d love for you to stick around for another 25, but won’t hold you to it.