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E-Waste Management

Do you have any old computers or office electronics you are ready to discard? Are you worried about the confidential information on the devices or all the regulations governing how electronics should be disposed of? The shred division of Underground Vaults and Storage has a solution for you called E-Waste Management. We will recycle your old electronics using an R2-Rios certified process, in which no whole parts are ever re-used.
E-waste is a term describing any electronic product with a circuit board you are ready to discard. Some examples are; computers, keyboards, digital copiers, modems, TV’s, and smart phones. These devices, which are so helpful during their life, become clutter when they are outdated. One option is to throw them away, but having your e-waste end up in a landfill could be a security breach, or you might not be following the environmental regulations in your state. It might also be shipped to a developing nation where the locals burn the e-waste in large landfills to separate out the metals like mercury, silver, or lead to resell them. This process in unhealthy for the people doing it and bad for the environment. E-waste is not only burned in landfills, sometimes people looking to steal information will go through old electronics to find confidential information.
There are companies that recycle e-waste and a number of places that will accept e-waste at no charge, but be vigilant of the company you are using, as these companies usually resell the electronics whole or without properly wiping the information off. If you are not paying attention to where your e-waste is going, the information contained on the devices could end up in the wrong hands. Instances of people buying old electronics in bulk to sift through the e-waste for any information they can profit from have been reported. There are also governmental regulations you have to be conscious of, and states have different regulations, so it is important to understand the laws in your state. Some electronics contain regulated substances that need to be disposed of in a specific way.
Our R2-RIOS certified process guarantees your e-waste is safely and securely recycled. Material is picked up in our secure trucks and no whole parts are ever re-used. Any information on the devices is removed so it cannot be accessed by anyone. Using us to recycle your electronics ensures compliance with Federal and state regulations as well. Our E-Waste Management service makes the process as easy and reassuring as possible for customers.

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