DH Media Solutions is the newest division of the Underground Vaults & Storage family.


Located in London, England, DH Media Solutions operates multiple facilities and specializes in storage and inventory management solutions for the film and television industry in the United Kingdom.

DH Media Solutions traces its history back several decades and has carved out a niche as a customer service-focused storage solution provider in the European market. DH Media is FACT-accredited and serves some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

DH Media’s secure facilities include ambient storage as well as temperature and humidity controlled warehouses. All items entering storage are barcoded, tracked and available to manage online, providing peace of mind to clients that their items are being cared for and available 24/7/365.

Whether for archival storage or active serviceable assets requiring daily pick-ups and deliveries, or coordinating logistics projects, DH Media can provide a customizable solution to meet your needs.

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About Underground Vaults & Storage

Underground Vaults & Storage is recognized as a leader in secure storage for the motion picture and entertainment industry.  Our three mine locations in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky offer climate-controlled vaults, refrigerated storage, inspection and cataloging services, same day retrieval, same day shipping, and refrigerated transportation services.

Regardless of weather or season topside, our three underground facilities maintain a naturally cool, dry storage environment deemed well-suited for film and sound archiving. Additional climate controls are available to meet your specifications, including refrigeration and dehumidification.

The Hutchinson salt mine facility is tucked miles away from seismic activity, oceans, metropolitan areas or military installations, 650 ft deep within a solid salt formation that is 400 ft thick. Our limestone mine facilities in Kansas City and Louisville offer refrigerated storage, dock access, and close proximity to metropolitan areas. All three locations are within one hour of a major airport, facilitating immediate retrievals to your studio or workplace.

Movie and television vaults are fully customizable, with no limit to space available. Whether you can fill a custom-designed 15,000 square foot private bay or a one-reel slot, we will custom build to your requirement.



Movie Film Storage
  • Dramatically lowers storage costs
  • Same day retrieval and shipping
  • Extends the life of your assets
  • Incomparable protection from disaster
  • Security from theft and fraud

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