Topeka Secure Off-Site Storage

Protect your company, clients and budget.

Our Topeka records center offers economical boxed record storage, digital media vaults, and efficient courier service.

For secure storage of healthcare records, data tapes, insurance records, business documents and legal documents in the Topeka and Lawrence areas – contact us today.

Topeka Off-Site Storage
  • Box Storage
  • Digital Media Vaults
  • Courier & Tape Rotation Service

Box Storage

We offer economical storage of paper records, medical charts, patient files, and other documents. You pay only for the volume you use, or the services you request.

Digital Media Vaults

Take advantage of the climate control, engineered construction, and security measures offered by our media vaults. These vaults are specifically designed for your magnetic and optical backup media. Custom and private media vaults are available.

Courier & Tape Rotation Service

Our company-owned fleet of courier vans and straight trucks are available for secure transportation of your materials. We offer scheduled tape rotation services to secure your daily, weekly, monthly and annual backup tapes. Whether rotating one tape or 1,000 daily tapes, we can meet your needs.


Topeka Off-Site Storage
  • Located within Topeka metropolitan area
  • Meets your compliance needs
  • Assists your business continuity plans
  • Same day retrievals
  • Efficient courier service

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