Kansas City Underground Storage

Serving Kansas City and the nation.

Buried 150 ft deep underground within a limestone mine in north Kansas City, you will find data tapes, healthcare records, business documents and refrigerated movie films.

Safely tucked away from prying eyes and disaster, more than 180,000 sq ft of space provides secure underground storage for clients from the Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as clients on both coasts. Our Kansas City media vaults, refrigerated vaults and records storage areas are located deep within the Subtropolis underground business complex.

The facility is monitored 24 hours by security guards, fire systems, alarm systems, and a host of other physical and technological security measures.

Here, your vital records and data will fear no tornado, wildfire, flood or other natural disaster. They are kept safe from temperature and humidity fluctuations. And our decades of professional storage experience, advanced inventory management technology, and friendly, bonded staff ensure your records are well cared for.

Kansas City Underground Storage
  • Box Storage
  • Climate Controlled Media Vaults
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Courier Service

Box Storage

We offer economical storage of paper records, medical charts, patient files, and other documents. You pay only for the volume you use, or the services you request.

Digital Media Vaults

Take advantage of the climate control, engineered construction, and security measures offered by our ANSI specification media vaults. These vaults are specifically designed for your magnetic and optical backup media. Custom and private media vaults are available.

Refrigerated Storage

For sensitive media and your preservation standards, we offer refrigerated storage vaults. These locked vaults are kept a constant 40 degrees fahrenheit, 40% relative humidity. Custom and private refrigerated vaults are available.

Courier Service

Our company-owned fleet of courier vans, straight trucks, and refrigerated trucks are available for secure transportation of your materials. Whether you are several states away, or in downtown Kansas City, our couriers offer economical service.


Kansas City Underground Storage
  • Depth protection from disaster
  • Proximity to international airport
  • Underground temperature and humidity
  • Same day retrievals
  • Custom storage arrangements

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