Hutchinson Facility – The Salt Mine

Think “Fort Knox” – Buried 650 ft Underground

650 feet below the plains of midwest Kansas, encased in a solid rock salt cocoon, rests one of the most secure and elusive underground storage facilities in the world.

Our Hutchinson salt mine facility was established in the unused portions of a working mine, during the height of Cold War nuclear concerns, as a safe haven for sensitive information and assets. Since 1959 Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have stored here, from every industry, around the world. Underground Vaults & Storage is recognized as a leader in secure storage for the motion picture and entertainment industry.

Safely tucked away from prying eyes and disaster, more than 1.7 million square feet of space holds untold millions of items in cool, dry conditions. That is roughly equivalent to 35 football fields encased in solid stone, more than 45 stories below the ravages of man and nature.

That which you value will be preserved here, perpetually. It’s called forever storage. It’s arguably the world’s largest time capsule.

Click here to listen to a National Public Radio story of the 650′ deep trip underground

What do we store? Anything worth keeping for the sake of your business, for the sake of legal protection, for the sake of timeless security or cultural record.

Geographic Separation, Times Two

The salt mine facility offers distance from you, and distance from disaster. It is miles from any seismic activity, rivers, densely populated areas, military installations, and hurricane zones. Though no place is 100% safe from flooding, you can rest assured that this facility is well-distanced from major flood plains. Should the unthinkable happen in your area, the keys to recovery are safely in our hands.

Formidable Depth Protection

650 feet of earth and solid stone is an incomparable ally. No tornado, wildfire, rainfall, explosion, blizzard, ice storm, hail storm, or civil unrest will threaten your items. Our roof can’t leak. Fire can’t jump from the building next door (there isn’t one).

Ideal Storage Environment

Rain or shine, power or no, winter or summer – the salt mine facility remains cool, dry and surprisingly clean. Most media feels right at home down here. Additionally, you can specify custom climate controls and air filtration.

Physical and Technological Security Measures

We employ security measures like biometric scans, video cameras, redundant authorizations, steel vault doors, blind passwords, anonymous storage, restricted personnel access, infrared monitors, and more that we cannot reveal. We offer customized private vaults and rooms, private bays, and a host of features to suit your needs.

Fast Access To Your Items

Every item is barcoded and located upon arrival. Our wholly-owned transportation fleet is on the streets around the nation, ready to serve you. Overnight shipping, faxing, scanning and digital transmission ensure immediate access to your materials.


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