About Us

Secure Storage Since 1959

Underground Vaults & Storage specializes in secure records and asset storage and management. UV&S serves national and international clients representing numerous industries including healthcare, legal, financial, insurance, cultural, oil/gas, entertainment, and government.

Our History

With over a half-century of established business practice, Underground Vaults & Storage has grown from our flagship salt mine facility in Kansas to multiple facilities in four states. With a mix of underground and above ground facilities, a wholly owned fleet of transportation vehicles, and well-proven procedures and technology, we stand ready to meet your needs. UV&S was officially incorporated on June 11, 1959. A group of Wichita, Kansas businessmen conceived the idea of underground records storage for security purposes at the height of the Cold War era. A search for the ideal site ended in neighboring Hutchinson, Kansas when a lease was struck with the Carey Salt Mine. The idea became a reality. UV&S is a Kansas corporation held closely by the original families that began the business. The first offices were located in Wichita and a small staff worked underground in records storage. All offices moved into the salt mine at Hutchinson in 1964. In 1984-85 a large dock/receiving building was built adjacent to the Hutchinson Salt building containing the shaft and elevator into the mine. All the sales and administrative staff moved out of the mine and into offices “topside”. In 1987 the administrative, sales, and support staff moved into our corporate office near the mine. To better serve our clients and prospective customers, UV&S opened records centers in the following locations:

  • 1985 Topeka, Kansas
  • 1986 Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1987 Wichita, Kansas
  • 2001 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 2003 Louisville, Kentucky

The Kansas City and Louisville facilities are located underground in limestone mines with drift entrances. In addition to paper and digital media storage, the Kansas City location specializes in refrigerated storage for the movie industry. UV&S continues to be a service-oriented records storage company. We provide all services required when using offsite storage. We strive to accommodate every client’s need for specialized procedures in their records storage program with UV&S.

Kansas Underground

Salt Museum

SALT – Egyptian mummies were preserved with it, Roman soldiers were paid with it, battles have been fought for it, humans can’t live without it.

We proudly support the new Kansas Underground Salt Museum, located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Operated by the Reno County Historical Society, it is unlike any other museum in the United States.

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Visitors to the salt museum enjoy a trip 650 feet below ground where they board a tram that takes them to over 100,000 square feet of galleries. The galleries tell the story of salt, salt mining, and storage within the mine. Patterned after salt museums in Wieliczka, Poland and Hallstatt, Austria, the Kansas Underground Salt Museum is the only museum that exists in a working salt mine anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

For those who are concerned about claustrophobia, the mine is among the largest in the world, with ceilings ranging from 10 to 17 feet in height. The rooms within the mine are very large, ranging in size from 2,500 to 15,000 square feet. In fact, if you lined up each room end to end, the mine would stretch for more than 67 miles!

What will you see? The astounding and fascinating story of salt from the geological formation of this precious mineral to the 14,000 different uses of salt in contemporary society. Through a series of interactive, hands-on galleries that address such topics as health science, geology, mining techniques, history, culture, and the multiple ways salt mines are being used today, you will come to understand and appreciate how important salt is to humanity. Did you know that wars have been fought for salt? Did you know that governments have been funded by the tax on salt? Did you know the construction of the Erie Canal was financed by taxes on salt? Indeed, the story is far more complex than most realize.

Other amenities at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum include classroom spaces for school tours, an adult education center for Elderhostel and other events, a conference room, food court, and a traveling exhibit gallery designed to host major traveling exhibits. The mine averages a comfortable 68 degrees F and 40% relative humidity year-round, making it a very comfortable experience.