Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc.

For Security. Forever

Since 1959, Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S) has provided records and information management solutions to the business community. For records storage, data tapes and invaluable assets, there is no place safer than UV&S. Allow us to identify your problems and recommend a cost-effective records management solution.

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Secure Storage


We offer more than 50 years of secure records management experience, backed by industry leading technology and procedures. Whether you need a consultant to help determine your records management needs, a courier to rotate data tapes, or overnight shipping – we’re ready to serve.

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Digital Services


Rest easy knowing your technology and data are safe and secure with our co-location backups. Keep your digital assets safe and secure through state of the art technology with online and co-location backups. Significantly reduce your risk of identity theft, data loss due to disaster or tape degradation.

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Certified Destruction


We are NAID AAA Certified for on-site, off-site, and hard drive destruction, operating multiple certified destruction facilities. The AAA rating is the highest security standard in our industry.

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